Pakistani Maxi Dresses for Weddings 2018

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Pakistani Maxi Dresses for Weddings 2018: A maxi dress is something that you can wear on weddings, as well as parties and engagements. So maxi is basically an all rounder that you can flaunt on your family weddings. Maxi dresses are very famous and common in Pakistani and we see people wearing long stunning maxis on weddings and events. The maxis are also common in brides especially on their engagement and valima day. There are many bridal maksi designs 2018 that you have seen brides wedding on their wedding day.

If you are also in search of the perfect Pakistani maxi dresses for weddings, here are some ideas that you can take inspiration from.


Is your friend’s wedding coming up and you still haven’t decide what to wear? You can always rely on a simple yet elegant Pakistani maxi design. There are hundreds of Pakistani maxi dresses pictures that you can take inspirations from. This post is to help you out and make your life easier by showing you the best fancy maxi dresses Pakistani designs.

Pakistani Maxi Dresses for Weddings 2018

This gaon style fashion dress image is the perfect inspiration for you if you want a classy and elegant Pakistani maxi design. It is a dark green colored maxi with the same colored embroidery flawlessly done on the sleeves and bottom. You can add the same banarsi green colored for the extra gorgeous fall of this fancy maxi dresses Pakistani.

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Here is another beautiful Pakistani maxi dresses for weddings. Red and green is the best combination and people love it. This Pakistani maxi is a combination of red and green colors with green embroidered koti and a red plain inner.

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You may stop the search for the best maxi dress in Pakistani; here is the one for you. It is a light pink colored Pakistani maxi design with silver and peach decent embroidery done on the neck and the bottom. This Pakistani maxi design is full of light embroidery which looks beautiful.

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Pink is the first choice of every girl, so why not a beautiful pink Pakistani maxi for your friend’s wedding? Here is an inspiration for you if you are looking for a girly pink Pakistani long dresses party wear which also looks beautiful and stylish. It is a fancy maxi dress Pakistani with pink flowers embellished on the body and sleeves.

Pakistani Maxi Dresses for Weddings 2018

Match your long maxi dresses Pakistani with your best friends on a wedding. Here is some inspiration for a beautiful Pakistani maxi design for a wedding. It is a stunning light green and grey maxi designs 2018. It is fully embroidered with silver decent work that will look very decent and pretty.

Look gorgeous at a wedding with this Pakistani maxi design. It is one hot piece with full embroidered work. It is a open coat style Pakistani maxi with a vivid printed nautaran inner that looks oh- so- amazing.

Pakistani Maxi Dresses for Weddings 2018

Rock this light purple embroidered long maxi dress Pakistani in a wedding event. It is a light purple with silver and purple embroidery Pakistani long dresses party wear that you can flaunt at any of your wedding events.

Who doesn’t love black? Also, a black Pakistani long dresses party wear is a must have. So if you are also looking for an inspiration for your Pakistani maxi design, this is the one for you. It is a beautiful coat styled fancy maxi dress Pakistani with black embroidered inner and copper and black embroidered upper. This is one perfect Pakistani maxi design for you.

BRIDAL Pakistani maxi dresses for weddings:

Bridal maxi 2018 dress is common in Pakistani for receptions and engagements. You must have seen many brides wearing Pakistani maxi dresses for weddings. The bridal maxi also looks very beautiful on the bride. They are fully embroidered with decent and neat embroidery and light colors.

If you are looking for a bridal maxi dresses 2018 for your wedding reception or any of your wedding events, here are some long maxi dresses Pakistani images that you can take inspiration from and make the best one for your own wedding.

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Bridal maxi always looks good when it is beautifully embroidered with right color combinations; just like this one. It is a fully embroidered off white bridal maxi dress for weddings Pakistani with grey embroidery embellished all over. You can pair with any color of dupatta you like.

Here is another inspiration of Pakistani maxi dresses for weddings. This bridal maxi dress is perfect for reception as it is heavily embroidered with neat and decent embroidery and a beige color.

If you are looking for a maxi designs Pakistani 2018, this one is the best for you and your wedding event. This tail gown is heavily embroidered with silver embroidery which is in contrast with green and light pink on the bottom. You can match your jewellery with these and complete your stunning bridal look.

Tail gown is the new fashion trend of 2018, so if your wedding is near, you can get this beautiful bridal maxi dress 2018. This one shade Pakistani maxi design is the best for your reception day. Fully embroidered with tiny pearls on the dupatta, will make you a beautiful bride for sure.

Bridal maxi dresses are not just for receptions and engagements dress, you can also wear a pretty bridal maxi dresses for weddings Pakistani on your big day. This red and off white bridal maxi dress is a perfect piece for your ruksati day. It is a heavy embellished bridal maxi Pakistanii with red embroidery, gota and red embroidered dupatta. Here is the best inspiration for you if you are looking for a Pakistani maxi for your ruksati day.

Do you want to look simple and classy on your wedding event? Here is the best fit for you. It is an off white Pakistanii maxi design with net and decent embroidery. Matching dupatta with light embroidered corners is the best part about this bridal maxi dress.  Pink and silver sure looks the best when contrasted, and here is the example. You can flaunt this maxi dress in Pakistan 2018 on your own wedding day.