Pakistani Bridal Dress Combination Ideas 2018

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Pakistani Bridal Dress Combination Ideas 2018: A wedding dress is something every bride wants the best. From the best embroidery to the best fabric and unique color combination, the bride can walk for hours in the market in search of that perfect Pakistani bridal dress. We all know that red is the classic bride color, and the bridal dress will not be completed with a hit of red. If you are a bride to be and you don’t want your bridal to be all red, here are some color combinations for Pakistani bridal wear that you would love to flaunt on your big day for sure.

Here are some of the classic Pakistani bridal dress ideas with the best dress color combination which are also trending in 2018.

Before we talk about different colors being matched up with the classic red color, here is an inspiration of a full red colored Pakistani bridal dress that will look oh so amazing on any bride this year. Here, this bridal dress Pakistani is a full red one, with copper and grey embroidery done all over in a nifty way.

Bridal Dress Combination Ideas

Now coming to the best dress color combinations for latest Pakistani bridal wear, you can actually pair up a royal blue color with red and it will look graceful for sure. This bridal wear is a red embroidered lehenga paired up with a royal blue colored choli and heavily embroidered dupatta. This is one unique dress color combination trending in 2018.

Bridal Dress Combination Ideas

Nothing can beat the contrast of white and red. If you love it too, here is an inspiration of latest Pakistani bridal wear in a beautiful red and white color. It is a fully embroidered white long shirt along with an embroidered farshi lehenga. Carry an embroidered classic bridal red dupatta to complete your bridal look.

Bridal Dress Combination Ideas

Beige and maroon also makes a good pair, don’t you think? Like this amazing maroon and beige colored bridal dress Pakistani. It is a beige embroidered peplum along with a beige net lehenga and a maroon embroidered dupatta.

Bridal Dress Combination Ideas

Coming to the all red theme again for latest bridal dress Pakistani; here is an inspiration for all the bride to be. It is a heavy embroidered long maxi that is paired up with a mehndi green colored embroidered lehenga. This one is also a nice idea for bride who wants to stick to the classic red bridal theme.

Bridal Dress Combination Ideas

Embroidered colors are what make a bridal dress beautiful. So add colors to your Pakistani bridal dress 2018 and make it look even more beautiful. This embroidered maxi is full of embroidery of different colors on a red base.

Here is another bridal dress color combination in white and red for the brides of 2018. The open shirt embroidered shirts are in trend 2018, you can go for an off white or white embroidered open shirt design and lehenga and pair it up with a classic red/ maroon embroidered bridal dupatta for your 2018 wedding look.

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