Mehndi Kurta Style for Mens 2018

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Here you can get best Mehndi Kurta ideas for men:

We always see new and updated fashion trend for girls but when it comes to boys, we all get confused on what to buy for them. The confusion reaches the max when we go out to select clothes for men, for their wedding. Men’s fashion also do change and is being updated by the top Pakistani designers.

For the groom, if you are looking for mehndi kurta design you came at the right place. The groom doesn’t have to be worried about what he is going to carry on his mehndi day. There are now a lot of styles and trend for mens mehndi kurta that he would love to wear.

Mehndi Kurta Style for Mens

For mehndi kurta, plain shalwar kameez with koti is the best and the safest option and the groom also looks very handsome wearing it on his mehndi day. So, here are some ideas and inspirations for mehndi design for man that you can wear on your mehndi day.

Mehndi Kurta Style for Mens

If you don’t want to wear a koti with your mehndi kurta, you can drape a dupatta with your kurta. The groom mehndi kurta will look the best when the duppata will match with the bride’s outfit color. Choose a matching color for your mens mehndi kurta dupatta to make a wonderful couple.

Mehndi Kurta Style for Mens

Make your entrance grand on your mehndi day by entering with style. Apart from the hover board, your mehndi kurta will also make a great impression. You can wear a dark mehndi colored mens kurta and choose a lighter colored koti with it. This color combination will also work the best for mehndi kurta style for mens 2018.

Mehndi Kurta Style for Mens

That is totally okay if you don’t match with your bride. For the mehndi event, all colors look amazing on the bride as well as the groom. For mehndi kurta for groom, you can choose some light colors to play with. Like this light brown kurta which is paired with a orange banarsi koti that looks classy.

Mehndi Kurta Style for Mens

White kurtas for mens mehndi is always a good idea. Also, you can pair up your white kurta with any color in the world and it will look just as amazing. But as it is a mehndi event, choose some mehndi colored koti to go along with your white mehndi kurta.

So many ideas in just one picture, choose what you like the best.You can wear a white kurta on your mehndi day and choose a colorful koti to look the best.

I told you that white makes a good pair with every single color.

Here is another idea for every groom who doesn’t want to carry a koti on his mehndi day. You can wear something like this too.

Banarsi koti on an off white colored shalwar kameez for mehndi dress for man is also a good idea.

Velvet sherwani styled mehndi designs for men is also in style. So if you want to wear something according to the fashion of these days, here is your pick.