Asifa and Nabeel Bridal Collection 2018

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Asifa & Nabeel Bridal Collection 2018: The designer duo Asifa and Nabeel are well known in the fashion industry who have been empowering the modern women of today by providing the best of couture range. They signify femininity and have been designing eloquent saris, vibrant, dusky hued bridal wear and eastern clothing. They recently displayed their Pakistan wedding bridal dress collection 2018 at QMobile HUM Bridal Couture week titled ‘A Roaring Melodrama.’

The collection comprised of dusky and subtle hues of gold, ivory, grey and pastel pinks with specks of vibrant red, blues and greens to induce the charm of Pakistani weddings. Their collection defines the modern women of today who want to don the ‘get away’ look still look irresistibly eye catching.

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The bridal dresses by Asifa and Nabeel are mainly inspired by pastels, be it the bride or the groom. However at the QMobile Hum Style Awards 2018, the menswear collection also included reds, as sported by Shahzad Sheikh, who was the showstopper for the event.

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The female showstopper to grace the ramp was Kubra Khan was seen wearing a minimalist cutwork gharara on a mid-slit choli and matching dusky grey accessories to go with the overall look.

Asifa and Nabeel Bridal Collection

Red is predominantly the color for Pakistani weddings however Pakistani brides started opting for pastels and dusky hues even for the grand barat event. This is why the bridal and engagement dresses for female collection by Asifa and Nabeel lure the newly to-be-weds.

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Here are some pieces from the collection which caught our eye!

Asifa and Nabeel Bridal Collection

The collection comprise of lehangs, cholies with western cut tops adorned with cutwork and motif work. Evening gowns, bordered ghararas, skirts cigarette pants, coats and Capri pants.

Asifa and Nabeel Bridal Collection

Pakistani weddings and designer collections have come a long way, there has been a change in trends and consumer mindsets, which is why designers have more room for experiment and can fuse their creativity with western parameters of fashion.

The modern bride is bold and daring, gone are the days of heavily clad brides donning red, because any other color would bring bad luck, as goes the notion. Fashion is one thing which us under constant influence, hence the change maybe slow but it is happening. The Royal bridal dresses collection by Asifa and Nabil defines this and this is what the duo has been doing for some years now.


Though Asifa and Nabeel have come a long way and have created eye catching designs, however we feel that this bridal collection of 2018 is yet to trigger to the jaw-drop moment for us. There designs are experimental and based on the changing trends of today, but there is a mass market we are looking at. Whites and creams have replaced the reds, but we are unsure about how many brides will be opting for grey hues on their wedding day. Greys and pastels are generally valima colors and red, pinks and related pastels are still in vogue for the baraat day!

The Asifa and Nabeel Bridal collection is made to order. They have an outlet located in the Zamzama area of Karachi and have a robust online appearance online at www.asifa-nabeel.comt